Megane offers distinctive French style

Megane offers distinctive French style

From Renault this week, the sedan and wagon version of their small Megane hatch released in October last year.

24 July 2017 16:21
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The fourth-generation Megane brought a new ownership experience from the French marque ��" a five-year unlimited kilometre warranty, roadside assistance package and a fixed $299 for each of the first three services. On top of that it brought excellent quality. The 1.2-litre turbo seven-speed automatic Renault Megane sedan and wagon arrive in a segment that’s softened this year by 4.1 percent ��" the Megane sedan is built in Turkey, the Wagon like the hatch, in Spain yet quality appears consistent across all three. Renault Aust has now introduced drive-away pricing across the Megane range ��" the Megane Zen sedan kicks off at $29,990, the higher grade Intense sedan at a rather lofty $35,990. The most affordable Zen wagon kicks off at $30,490. Equipment levels are high and they simply had to be in a small car market where buyers have a choice of over 25 models.

I’m yet to drive the Renault Megane sedan and wagon but if they’re as nice as the hatch they won’t disappoint ��" they’re not cheap however, and as I said, in a highly competitive marketplace they won’t represent big numbers ��" but they offer individuality and a distinctive French style with distinctive daytime running lights front and rear ��" their drive-ability perhaps their most redeeming feature. Renaults Koleos SUV is currently the company’s best seller followed by its popular Traffic and Master commercial vehicles. I’m David Berthon


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